Does a Low Price Mean Good Value or Bad Quality?

These price brackets are just cynical marketing and have nothing to do with quality. Before WW2 the best watches were made in England. The Swiss concentrated on the absolute bottom of the even made poor quality fake English watches.

One explanation might be the objective reality of the price-quality relationship.

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Best Price Quality offers brand name products at the best price. They believe, the quality of life is important to everyone. With a friendly, knowledgeable, professional team, their goal is to provide quality products for a fraction of the cost without compromising quality.
Advances in Consumer Research Volume 11, Pages PRICE-QUALITY RELATIONSHIPS. Steven M. Shugan, University of Chicago. ABSTRACT - This paper studies consumer and market behavior when consumers use price as a cue to quality.
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Best Price Quality 6'' Memory Foam Mattress and Bed Frame Set Average rating: 0 out of 5 stars, based on 0 reviews Write a review This button opens a dialog that displays additional images for this product with the option to zoom in or out.

These consumers are called type 2 consumers and their behavior is described by the equation 2. Type 2 consumers are very quality sensitive. However, type 2 consumers are insensitive to price. They will buy more of the product as the quality of the product increases regardless of the product's price. Nevertheless, all consumers do face some budgetary restrictions. We will, therefore, assume that this relationship only holds for prices less than p 0.

When the price per unit exceeds p 0 s type 2 consumer will stop buying the product. We can study market behavior when the market consists of both type 1 and type 2 consumers. If the number of type 1 and 2 consumers is n1 and n2, respectively, then the behavior of the market will be described by equation 3.

Suppose a company wanted to sell a product in a market consisting of type 1 and type 2 consumers. The profit margin for this company would be the product's price minus the COSt of adding quality to the product. In order to simplify the exposition we will assume that the cost function is quadratic. Our conclusions rely only on the assumption of a convex cost function.

This assumption implies that as the level of quality increases it becomes more and more costly for the company to obtain additional quality. Eventual perfection is, indeed, difficult to achieve. With a quadratic cost function, it is in the company's own best interest to adopt the price and the level of the quality given by equations 4 and 5 , respectively.

If the market consists of different geographic market segments with each segment consisting of different mixtures of type 1 and type 2 consumers, equation 4 would provide the price-quality relation that we find as we travel through the market. That relationship is depicted in figure 1. As we see from figure 1, the price-quality relationship is nonlinear. This result is consistent with the empirical work of McConnell, At low prices, small changes in price correspond to large changes in quality.

At higher prices, small changes in price correspond to smaller changes in quality. In all cases, however, higher prices correspond to higher levels of the quality. It is important to remember that we observe a price-quality relationship in the absence of competition between the geographic market segments.

Hence, even without price competition, price levels still reflect the levels of the quality. We can also determine how quality will vary from one geographic segment to another geographic market segment. Equation 5 tells us that as the relative number of type 1 consumers in the segment increases, the level of the quality decreases. Acting in its own best interest, the company will decrease the product's price as the number of price sensitive type 2 consumers increase. These relationships are depicted by figure 2 and figure 3.

In section IIB, we assumed that all consumers who were concerned with the quality of the product were also able to identify that quality. Some consumers, however, may want the quality but these consumers may be unable to determine whether or not the quality is present.

We refer to these consumers as type 3 consumers. We must use care in describing type 3 consumers. It could be argued that a consumer has no need for a quality of the product that the consumer cannot detect. For example, if a consumer cannot discriminate between an ordinary meal and a gourmet meal, we might wonder why that consumer would desire a gourmet meal. Of course, we could argue that the consumer is unfamiliar with the product and cannot easily inspect the product to determine the level of the quality.

But this argument is not very compelling after the consumer has had the opportunity to use the product. At that point, the consumer would have learned the level of the quality. That information, then, could be used in future purchase decisions.

Hence, the unfamiliarity argument could only be used for a new product or a durable good whose sales depend mainly on first purchases. Nevertheless, there remain circumstances when a consumer may desire a quality which the consumer cannot detect. One circumstance might occur when the consumer is only a buyer for another consumer who can detect the quality. For example, a host may be purchasing wine for a party where guests are more discriminating than the host.

Another example would be a generous individual who desires to provide a gift for another individual when the gift receiver possesses far more expertise about the gift than the gift giver. Finally, a consumer might desire a nutritious food product but the consumer may be unable to determine the nutritiousness of a specific food product.

Assuming that type 3 consumers exist, these consumers might use the level of price as a surrogate measure of the level of quality. We describe the behavior of type 3 consumers with equation 6. Again, type 3 consumers do eventually face a budget constraint, so we assume equation 6 only holds for a price less than pO. At prices less than po, type 3 consumers behave contrary to typical economic behavior. Suppose the number of type 3 consumers is n3.

In this situation, a company seeking its own best interest will se its price and quality according to equations 7 and 8 , respectively. See the appendix for details. We see that as the number of type 3 consumers increases, the price charged for the product increases. We also see that as the number of type 3 consumers increases, the level of the quality also increases.

Even though these consumer cannot detect quality, their desire for quality causes the company to increase the level of the quality. This conclusion may seem, at first glance, somewhat counter-intuitive.

We might question how consumers, who cannot detect quality, can encourage the company to provide more quality. Upon reflection, however, the answer is simple. Without type 3 consumers, i. The quality-sensitive type 2 consumer wants quality at almost any cost. The company would provide high quality at a high price if it were not for the price-sensitive type 1 consumer.

These price-sensitive consumers depress the price and, because they place no value on quality, they also depress quality levels. With the introduction of type 3 consumers, the effect of type 1 consumers is diminished. With this effect diminished, the company is pleased to raise the price of the product while simuLtaneously persuading quality-sensitive type 2 consumers to increase their purchases by increasing the quality of the product. We should note that type 3 consumers could vastly outnumber type 9 consumers and the integrity of equations 7 and 8 would not be impugned.

Only when the number of type 3 consumers exceeds the number of type 1 consumers would the price-quality relationship be destroyed. Hence, even when very few consumers are able to detect quality, price-quality relationships exist. It is only when few price sensitive consumers exist that price-quality relationships are destroyed. This fact may explain why even when we find few consumers can detect quality, companies still find drastic decreases in sales when they lower quality levels.

In section II, we found that even without competition, a price-quality relationship exists. Moreover, we found that the existence of type 3 consumers, who use price as a surrogate measure of quality, actually cause the level of the quality to increase. In this section, we examine the effect of competition on the price-quality relationshiP. In section II, we found the level of the price and the level of the quality that a company would adopt if there were no competitive brands in the market.

These levels are given by equations 7 and 8. Substituting the quality level given by equation 8 into equation 7 , we obtain the level of ,rice given by equation 9. Equation 9 shows that the product's price depends on the number of each type of consumer in the market and not the behavior of some average consumer.

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