Top 10 Reasons to Shop Online vs. Shopping In-Store

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I had a client share this sentiment recently as she described a period of time in her life: Figure out what you want and work towards it.

Do things that give you energy. What makes you feel healthy and alive, energized and excited? What gets you in the flow and makes you feel most like you?

Aim to get more of that in your life. When we are structurally out of alignment, it can cause all sorts of issues. Not to mention, pain is exhausting and zaps energy. We drag them around and tell them what to do. They need to be taken care of too. All of life is energy. Any disturbance or blockages to the energy flow creates imbalances… Physical, mental and emotional stressors can cause subluxations misalignment of the vertebrae which interfere with signals getting clearly through your body.

This can result in many health problems, including fatigue and insomnia. So, I went to see my chiropractor and a cranial sacral therapist. Two days later, I felt much more energized and clear in my head. I love the analogy I was once given by a chiropractor: Get some body work. This might include getting a massage, acupuncture, chiropractic, reiki, cranial sacral therapy — anything that works for you.

Ask a friend or colleague for a recommendation. Even better if you have a friend in the field who can refer you to another practitioner. And make sure to schedule regular body work, not just when you need it.

While there are many different diet protocols, there is one thing all the experts can agree on: They make your blood sugar go haywire, causing you to feel a brief period of energy followed by a crash. Paradoxically, those are the very things we reach for when we need a hit of energy. One, you need to eat real, clean food. Avoid processed foods and especially refined sugars. Two, find what works for YOU. Gluten-free, Paleo, Mediterranean, high-fat, plant-based, you name it.

Pay attention, do you feel energized or fatigued after you eat certain foods? Our bodies have intrinsic wisdom if we are willing to listen — and hear them. But are you getting enough high-quality sleep? Some of the top causes of poor sleep quality include: Get off your electronics at least an hour before bed, make sure you have a comfortable pillow and mattress, set a consistent sleep routine, reduce outside noise and sleep in a well-darkened room or wear an eye mask.

On top of stress hormones, excessive worry can drain your energy. Such is true with worry and stress. I think of this very simply. We all start the day with units of energy to use throughout the day. Find things that reduce your stress levels. Deep breathing increases circulation by bringing oxygen to your muscles and brain. This increased oxygen content in the bloodstream leads to greater energy and healthier muscles, organs and tissues. What happened when you started to read this one? Did you start breathing more deeply?

After spending time together, you feel tired, drained and exhausted? Grab some garlic and your stake and ditch the energy vampires.

Make a conscious effort to hang out with people who feed your soul and make you feel energized and alive. If you need a little help to spot these people out, here it is: In a widely acknowledged study published in Psychological Bulletin , researchers analyzed 70 studies on exercise and fatigue which involved more than 6, people. Sedentary people who completed a regular exercise program reported improved fatigue compared to those that did not exercise.

Find ways to increase your exercise and movement. General guidelines are minutes per week of moderate exercise or 75 minutes per week of vigorous activity or a combination of the two. This can be as simple as taking the stairs instead of the elevator, walking 20 minutes a day or participating in a sport you enjoy.

This means even mild dehydration can cause your energy levels to fall. Fatigue is a telltale sign you are dehydrated. First and foremost, drink enough water.

A simple rule of thumb is eight 8-ounce glasses per day. And before you reach for your coffee in the morning, reach for a glass of water first. To do that, you need to improve the electrical charges across your cellular membranes.

1. You are out of alignment mentally, emotionally or spiritually.

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